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XE88 is one of the well known casino which over fifty slot games can be found. Lets study about the top 6 slot game list. 

Other than slot games are available, other games are waiting for you to explore! Download XE88 to enjoy being rich! 

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🧹 The Great Wizard

🧙 You are a wizard who is trying to investigate and create a mysterious portion. Spin the wheels and find the way to create the portion! As this theme is about mystery wizard, you can find WIZARD, PORTION, MYSTERY SCROLL📜, WITCH HAT, BLACK MAGIC FORMATION and many more symbols here! Hope you meet as many alignments as you can! GOOD LUCK 🍀❗

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God of Wealth 🧧

God of wealth is known for 'Cai Shen', who is invited to one's house during Chinese New Year. People claim that God of wealth can bring fortune to family. However, doesn't mean that you only can play during CNY. You can play this slot game to test on your fortune at anytime.

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Golden Express🚉

Choo-choo (Train sound) ...... 🚆🚆You are in a train station, rushing to get onto the express. Play and spin the wheels, and you could see the following story. Whether you are stopped by the ticket clerk, successfully get into the express or ... .

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Cave Man🪔

Find the ancient elements in this game. There are also some wild animals which are able to seen in egypt. Imagine that you are in Egypt, without smartphone or any new innovation, challenge yourself and walk out from the cave!

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