Things You Might Want to KNOW ✅

❓How to sign up XE88❓

🔞 You are eligible to join XE88 only if you are 21 years old or above. If you meet this condition, kindly refer to our customer service for registration. 

Details you need to prepare for registration:

1. Your name 

2. Your phone number

3. Your bank name and bank account number 


🔐Do my personal information secure❓

Feel safe and trust XE88 site because we only asked for your basic information and the details provided is been kept in private and confidential 🔒, which we can ensure our professionals and site would not leak of any information. Your personal information is only used for registration, record and CUCI purposes. 


🔒How to enhance account security❓

 Due to a game account possess credits, you might worry of your account is accessed illegally. To safeguard your registered account, ensure you only register one account and also keep your account and password private. Also, kindly log-out your account after you played. Additionally, you can change your password when first time logged-in or change your password periodically. 


How to top up XE88's credit❓

Top-up only available via contacting our 24/7 customer service. Provide them your game ID and the amount you'd like to top-up, then make payment to the bank account provided by the customer service. You may make payment via ATM transfer🏧 or Online transfer. Kindly send the payment slip to our customer service, once payment have done. Lastly, the game credit will be topped-up into your game ID, once verified.


How to withdraw winnings/ CUCI XE88❓

Withdrawal or CUCI can be made via contacting our customer service. Kindly approach to our customer support, and send them your game ID and the amount you'd like to withdraw (We have minimum withdrawal amount, please refer to our customer service and make sure you have sufficient credit in your account). Lastly, the amount would be banked in to your bank account after verification. 


🎲 Can I test XE88 before play real❓

 Yes, we do provide test ID for you to try the game before you sign up with us. Key in the username: demo1500~2000, password: 1234 

(Some account number might used, try the other account number if can't log in).


📥 How to download XE88 in (Android/ IOS/ PC) platforms❓

We have provided all the guidelines in the download page. Kindly refer to the steps and instructions given:

Download Android  <------------------- CLICK HERE

Download IOS       <------------------- CLICK HERE

Download PC        <------------------- CLICK HERE


🗣️💬 Contact our customer support❓

Our customer support is online 24/7 hours. Kindly approach them, if you need register/ sign-up, top-up, withdraw/ CUCI or anything related to XE88. You may find our customer service through Whatsapp, Telegram, or Live Chat. 



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